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Our Capabilities


We recognize that it can be difficult to find a contractor who you can trust. In this industry, predictability, consistency, and accountability are hard to come by. At JL Custom Group, we are proud to say the majority of our crews have been with us since our company’s inception. We value our reputation of being “trustworthy,” “honest,” and “timely,” which has led to frequent referrals as well as many former clients rehiring us to do additional work on their homes.

In Louisiana there is a common term called lagniappe, which essentially means a simple, yet unexpected gift. We apply this principal in everything we do, offering that “something extra” not normally found in other homes.


Why spend twice as much time and money to build new when you can renovate and, if desired, even add on to an existing home?

While we have a common thread of quality through all of our projects, nothing we do could be described as “cookie cutter” as we strive to make each home unique. From the initial planning stage where we work closely with a licensed architect and engineer through the frequent onsite collaboration with our clients, we offer a design perspective that we are confident will deliver WOW factor results!

Real Estate

Know you want to renovate but haven’t found the right house or Realtor?

As a licensed Realtor in the State of Texas, we can uniquely provide both qualitative and quantitative market data to help you find the right home and estimate the budget of the project. We can then not only help you close on your home, but then we can seamlessly step in and start the remodel, saving you precious time. JL Custom Group can be your one-stop shop and hold your hand throughout the entire process of realizing your dream home.

EPA Lead Safe Certified

EPA Lead Safe Certified

We are proud to have earned our designation as an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm. This means that we have successfully completed training by EPA-approved providers and follow lead-safe work practices.