About JL Custom Group

JL Custom Group was created by Jason Laviage, whose eye for design was cultivated as a young boy who loved shopping with his fashion forward dad. His more official training came from his years working with Ralph Lauren. He served as a regional director in charge of ensuring that merchandising within the stores was designed to optimize presentation of the product. He took this expertise to Coach, then ultimately to his own presentation – showcase homes that he creates to reflect some of his earlier Ralph Lauren days. This style, and the lifestyle it was meant to portray, has been his inspiration as Jason strives to create a story with each home he renovates. He truly believes that each home deserves to be unique whether it is a complete remodel or a simple facelift of a kitchen or bathroom.

Jason’s story begins with his grandfathers where a case is to be made that good style may actually be genetic! His maternal grandfather, who passed away before Jason was born, owned a men’s specialty store, and remodeled a home that is now on the Jacksonville Historical Society list for mid-century modern architecture. His paternal grandfather, Jack Laviage, for whom JL Custom Group is named for, taught Jason that the most important part of any business is customer satisfaction. Jack Laviage never met a stranger and once a relationship was formed, it was solid until the end. Jason feels that keeping his clients happy is a priority, and his relationships often extend beyond the end of the project. Finally, as previously mentioned, Jason’s father, provided an inherent sense of style and design that has been nurtured for 40 years. He was Jason’s first partner in a remodel project that was ultimately Jason’s first home. It was that remodel that sparked the vision of what could be provided to other families out there and Jason is excited to work with you to create your home – whether it be your first or an update of a home you have been in for years.

We are proud to have earned our designation as an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm. This means that we have successfully completed training by EPA-approved providers and follow lead-safe work practices.